Driver's License Restoration & Representation

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DeYoung Law has a 98% Success Rate with Driver's License Restoration cases!

Driver's License Restoration Specialist - Mike DeYoung

9 reasons DeYoung Law is the best choice for getting your license privileges restored.

98% Success Rate

We've won almost all of our driver's license restoration cases!

Winning Your Case is Critical

We understand going another year without your license is a risk you can't take, so we make sure you win your hearing.


We've worked with numerous clients on helping them restore their driver's license privileges. We use our experience to tailor to your case to guarantee you'll get your license back.

We Guarantee a Win

If we take your case, we guarantee that you will get your driver's license privileges restored or we will represent you for free at your next hearing.

We Offer Payment Plans

We understand that losing your license and privileges leads to many expenses so we offer alternative payment options for your benefit.


We have extensive knowledge on driver's license cases because we've worked so many driver's license cases and are the first know of changes and requirements.

We Know Exactly What to Expect

We know the hearing officers that you will work with and the questions that they will ask. We have documented all of our prior cases and questions so you we can make sure you are prepared.

Step-by-Step Guidance

We make sure you understand the process and documentation you need to provide and help you every step of the way. You will know exactly what you need to have completed, when it needs to be done, and that it was done correctly.

Have Confidence in Your Preparation

We work with our clients to prepare them for the questions they will likely be asked at their hearings. You will undergo a mock hearing prior to your actual hearing so you can feel confident and prepared when it is time to get your license back!

What to Expect

DeYoung Law works at your side from start to finish, so you can feel confident in the process of restoring your license.

Free Initial Consultation

We meet with you in person, over the phone or via a zoom session.

We discuss the criteria of your case, your ability to prove eligibility at the time of your hearing eligibility and next steps toward getting your license back.

-- Learn about eligibility requirements to request a hearing --

Developing Your Case and Documentation to Win Your Hearing

Once we have established the best time to schedule your hearing, We will work with you to create the documentation you need to win your case and the strategy that will be used. You will know what documentation you need to get to us. We will provide guidance on gathering your letters of support and a substance abuse evaluation. We will work with you to make sure that documents you submit are correct and complete before they are submitted for your hearing. 

-- Learn about the requirements/documents needed to request the hearing --

Practice and Preparation

We will be in contact with you as you gather documentation and we build your case to submit for a hearing. Once we've approved the documentation and the substance abuse evaluation, your documents will be sent to request a review hearing. Once the hearing is scheduled, we will provide you information related to the quesions you will be asked by your assigned hearing officer. You will go through a mock hearing with us prior to your scheduled hearing. You will know what questions to expect and how to answer them.


We help you determine your eligibility and how soon you will likely be able to restore your privileges once you're eligible. You must be able to convincingly prove that your substance use is under control, that you've remained sober, and there is a low likelihood of you using in the future.

Eligibility Date

We must determine when you are eligible to have a hearing to restore your license and also to be able to have the necessary proof to win your case. You generally will receive a letter from the Secretary of State a few weeks prior to your eligibility date. For more information on eligibility, check out Mike's blog: Driver's License Restoration - Part 1.

Length of Sobriety

There are a few different factors here: you must have a minimum 6 months of voluntary sobriety. You may need at least 12 months of sobriety if evidence for your conviction is more serious. For more information on this, you can check out Mike's blog: Driver's License Restoration - Part 1.

Ignition Interlock

If you are granted a restricted license, you will be required to have ignition interlock installed on the vehicle you will drive. Ignition interlock is used to make sure that you are sober whenever you are driving. For those that have had ignition interlock installed for a year, they can use this same appeal process to restore full driving privileges and will need to provide an Ignition Interlock final report prior to their hearing. For more on having your full license restored, you can check out Mike's blog: Driver's License Restoration - Part 4.

Ability to Provide Documentation

We help you identify which documents you need to be eligible to restore your privileges and what documents you will need to be able to retain in order to guarantee a win in your case. If you haven't been collecting documentation so far or have difficulty getting supporting documentation, we can help you identify the best path to obtain what you need.

Required Documents

Request for Administrative review/hearing

This is the official document that will need to be completed and submitted to request your hearing. This is a thorough examination of your past use, convictions, sobriety and other information. We work at your side to make sure that this is completed accurately and in a way that will best represent your situation.

Substance Abuse evaluation

You are required to submit a substance abuse evaluation from a licensed substance abuse counselor. We will walk you through this process and help you setup your evaluation which includes a diagnosis, prognosis and recommendations based on your evaluation and history.

ignition interlock final report

For applicants that are or were required to use an ignition interlock, a final report will be required. The report most be dated within 30 days of the Request for Administrative Hearing. This report will contain any violations or issues while using the interlock device.

support letters

You will need to provide 3 to 6 letters of support. These are usually written by family, friends, mentors, employers, sponsors, etc. We will help you identify who can best provide the letters for you and things that should be reflected in your support letters if possible.

sobriety documentation

When and where possible, you will need to provide as much documentation as possible to help support your evidence of sobriety. This usually included documents proving you've attended AA, NA or other recovery meetings, as well as other certifications or documents that can help show you've had proven sobriety.